Prashant Singh |

B-20, Pushpa Vihar Society, |

Jashodanagar, Ahmedabad |

ph: +91 7802898394 |



Video game developer with #year# years of programming experience in Unity3D Engine. Developed several games for Android and IOS, And a little bit experience in porting the game to windows store platform.


Saffrony Institute of Technology | Mehsana, Gujarat

BE, Computer Science
Year 2011–2015


BBBlackjack 21 |

Blackjack game where you can create clubs with your friends and create tables with your chosen game settings.

Liquor Store for HTC Vive |

It's a virtual store where you can walk around in the liquor store and grab liquor bottles from shelf and put in your always following you around cart and at the checkout counter you can place the order.

Skill Games for Touchscreen Tables |

A 55" touch screen table in which 4 players can sit around it and insert the dollar bills in the bill accepter attached to the table and play the skill games against the house.

Last Deck |

Your personal deck app where you can create rooms and play any card games with your friends with any rules you want.

Casino Slots for actual Casino Shops |

22 Themes casino slot games with a lot of beautiful animations and also with 5 different math and rules. Which is always connected to the backend system where all the RTP is controlled at.

Expertjet |

Flight management app where you can see your booked private itineraries and legs.


A platformer game with a single level but actually it's endless because you run from left to right of the screen and avoid monsters and grandma and also collect clothes and coins.

Mexican Mariachi (Casino Slot) |

A casino slot for mobile with a mexican culture theme and animations.

Tic Tac Toe |

I made this game just to kill the time on one saturday and it needs a lot of improvements right now will update it regularly.

Save Game Data |

You can save any serializable data class and Load that data to a encrypted file and with password protection.

Scripts Manager for Unity3D |

An Editor window that gives the list of scripts in the current scene with gameobject reference for Unity3D.

Scene Manager |

An Editor Window that will show all the scenes in your project under the folder Scenes and it will also highlight with yellow color if that scene has been added to the build settings for Unity3D.

Custom Mono Manager |

Create Custom Monobehavior scripts with the predefined methods you have declared or allowed.

Project Setup |

Saves all your project details to a file when you build the project.

Unity Master Editor Tools |

The Master Editor contains a web service tool and a collection of small other tools which you will probably need in any project.

General Unity Scripts |

This repository contains general Unity3D C# scripts that can be useful to anyone.

Professional Experience

Yudiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. | | Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Team Lead | Senior Game Developer